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Our Story

Our Story & Mission

‘Natura’ came into being when I started designing my children’s bedrooms. As a mother of three, I wanted to create a unique space for my children that was not only child friendly but also natural and sustainable with a rattan flair. However it was not easy finding what I needed in Europe. 

I decided to venture into this field to provide this much needed supply to fellow mothers and likeminded nature lovers. 

But ‘Natura’ is not just for the buyers as the artisans are at the heart of our mission. We strongly promote fair trade practices and artisans empowerment. Therefore we endeavour to not only showcase our unique products but will also feature pictures and articles from the artisans with details about their own creations and lives. In essence you will be buying a product that has been brought to life by the stories behind each piece, preserving a cultural heritage and a way of life in South West Asia that would have otherwise been lost. 

As you join us in working with these independent small-scale artisans you will help support their families and communities as a whole. 

Without the artisans we work with, these products and the concept of ‘Natura’ would not exist!

 All our products are 100% eco-friendly handcrafted with ethically sourced materials. 

Unlike the current trend of mass-produced items, we take time to create each product to ensure it is sustainable and authentic. 

We hope you will love our products as much as we do and create more stories with the items you buy!